A world of experiences is now just a snap away.

Discover rich digital content by snapping photos of images and articles with your phone.

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Look for the Ocutag Snap™ icon on magazines, posters, newspapers and more.

Open the Ocutag Snap™ app and snap anywhere on the image.

Unlock dynamic digital experiences and share them with your friends online.


  • Access bonus digital content with one touch.
  • Use one app to connect with many of India’s leading publications.
  • Easily share discovered content with your friends on the social networks you already use.

About Ocutag Snap™

Ocutag Snap™ brings your favorite publications to life.

Ocutag Snap connects newspapers, magazines, books and comics in the physical world to related content in the digital world, such as video, audio, gaming experiences, e-commerce links and websites. Ocutag Snap’s social networking framework also makes it easy for users to share content with friends through a range of social networking platforms.

Ocutag Snap is powered by Ricoh Innovations’ Ocutag platform, which leverages patented Ricoh Visual Search (RVS) technology. To learn more about the Ocutag platform, and how to use the Ocutag APIs and online services for app development, go to www.ocutag.com.

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